KEYFUTURE leading the feasibility study for an Innovation & Design Centre at Telefonplan

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Feasibility study for a regional and national Innovation & Design Centre at Telefonplan “A meeting place for business & Creativity”


Explore the basis of a regional & national industry resource in design and innovation.
Investigate how the creative lifestyle businesses expand and interact with the traditional business world
Create new knowledge about strategic clusters with comparisons from Swedish regions, and Europe
Develop regional competitiveness in Stockholm
Create innovativeness for new jobs
Addressing the unique conditions at Telefonplan and southern Stockholm


Local conditions at Telefonplan
Regional conditions
A Swedish and European, and International Perspective
Stakeholder Models and Control
Organizational conditions
The Triple Helix


KEYFUTURE lecturing at the education of Lighting Design in Jönköping, year 3

University graduate with specialization Lighting Design, 120 credits

Per Key give lectures and conducts workshops in visual communication and Trademarks 2/2 day week 6 1. Theory of Visual Communication with a focus on object / place within the semantics and syntax there after workshop. 2. Brand, theory and practical exercises
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KEYFUTURE educates artists in Tromsø

Kunsten å beskrive. The art of writing. The trick to lead. A leadership- and communication courses for arts and cultural workers. Following pressure from members and partners, we organize new courses with Christina Molander and Magne Pettersen. Courses are cooperating with RadArt and held both weekdays and weekend so you can choose what time that suits you. Read more
Keyfuture arbetar med att utveckla kommunikation, organisation och ledarskap

KEYFUTURE work with communication, organization and leadership

Communication, organization and leadership

KEYFUTURE working to develop communication, organization and leadership in small and medium-sized organizations / companies. A fun challenge, often about balance and cooperation.


40 min föreläsning om varumärke

 All you want to know about brands

40 minute breakfast or lunch lecture. A lecture carried out on several occasions among others. the Swedish Marketing Association, Polytechnic courses, and a number of companies & organizations.

Lecture in China about product identities and brands

Seminarium Kina

Lecture about Product Identities & Trademarks / Per Key Björcke

International Design – seminar with speakers from USA, China, Sweden, Austria and Others 2009

Swedish Design on Stage

Swedish Design on Stage was a fantastic project

KEYFUTURE was responsible for marketing communications along with sponsorships and events English Design on Stage was a project during the Swedish EU – Presidency. The exhibition toured Berlin, Brussels, Dublin and Orsa.