KEYFUTURE educates artists in Tromsø

Kunsten å beskrive. The art of writing. The trick to lead. A leadership- and communication courses for arts and cultural workers. Following pressure from members and partners, we organize new courses with Christina Molander and Magne Pettersen. Courses are cooperating with RadArt and held both weekdays and weekend so you can choose what time that suits you.
About the course:
This course offers useful tools and tips for project management and marketing. How to sell an suspension with limited funds? How to get everyone to work towards a common goal? In the free and voluntary field operators must be their own marketers. The artistic process with extensive trial and error often occurs simultaneously with the presentation of the project for media and partners. To formulate precisely, without promise too much, it becomes important and requires training to achieve this.
About the instructors:
Christina Molander is a manufacturer with leadership experience as artistic director and artistic director of the Moderna Dansteatern in Stockholm. She has worked with communication at several stages in Sweden and has extensive experience as a teacher of marketing communication and organization. Magne Pettersen is film director and screenwriter with several Norwegian and international feature film projects. He has extensive experience as a lecturer in film through the Cultural Rucksack, working part time as a directorial and screenplay teacher Noroff Fagskole Filmmaking in Oslo and as instructor.

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