KEYFUTURE lecturing at the education of Lighting Design in Jönköping, year 3

University graduate with specialization Lighting Design, 120 credits

Per Key give lectures and conducts workshops in visual communication and Trademarks 2/2 day week 6 1. Theory of Visual Communication with a focus on object / place within the semantics and syntax there after workshop. 2. Brand, theory and practical exercises

1. Theory of Visual Communication with a focus on object / place within the semantics and syntax thereafter workshop. And what is this?

Semiotics is all about, how people create meaning in relation to objects and spaces. Here is a set of tools that enhance understanding how objects and spaces relate to us humans. Even how we can control and influence objects and visual environments based on assignments or their own agenda. Semiotics is the name of science that investigates the characters in character, the systems or codes they form and the meanings they store, although the changes taking place and transferred in communication processes. Semiotics prefer the term “reader” as recipients, suggesting an active process. Semiotics has three sub-groups where we go through Semantics and Syntax. Semantics: The study of character meanings based on cultural conditions of the characters’ expressions and content, for example. an object’s significance in relation to a possible. target audience and how they interpret. Syntax: The study of the relationship between signs and the systems in which the characters are organized. Ie how does the compositions like? how, for example, a foyer for business structured? And what does this standard / system look like? In the workshop, we test based on the theories of light communicative possibilities for different expressions.
2. Brand, theory and practical exercises
Here we handled a short lecture – Brand intellectual identities – Brand materiel identities – the brand image, much of modern theoretical and practical branding is all about how the image is created for the buyer / target groups. Ie study and understanding of end users and how relationships are built. The theoretical knowledge in brands is also a basis for understanding the companies / organizations’ intentions at the mission. Eg is a corporate brand with immaterial assets, one of the basics of how the various phases of the buying process towards clients formulated. And in the next step how an expression can be materialized. Simply put, how a room can be designed in conjunction with a brand platform. This sub-process can also be used in formulating and clarifying the mission. In the workshop we will test the brand’s platform in connection to the object and space, and if possible bring tools to the task definitions against the principal.

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